15 miles east of Vanderbilt, is an old sinkhole named Lost Lake. This 'lake' is just one of many sinkholes that dot the northeast corner of Otsego County.

Sinkholes occur when accumulated water erodes dissolvable rock, and the ground caves in.

Sinkholes found in the middle of the wilderness are fascinating. They can also be beautiful yet terrifying at the same time. What creatures – if any – lie at the bottom of deep sinkholes? Are there any interesting formations?

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The photos below show what's at the bottom of this particularly deep sinkhole. Some areas are dark and eerie, others puzzling, some incredible, and others are the usual things you'd expect to see. Sorry – but these guys did NOT find any unusual creatures in the sinkhole.

The bottom looks like a moon landscape; there are twisted, gnarled sunken branches, underwater 'gardens', even another sinkhole in the sinkhole!

Aside from the thrill of exploring an underwater sinkhole lake, the area is so very cool for camping. The wilderness is absolutely beautiful...and quiet except for the late-night sounds of animals and other unknown things.

Take a look at the photos and video below...maybe they'll persuade you to do a little sinkhole spelunking of your own!



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