This could generate some discussion, especially for those who live further away from the area, but there is a clear, defined answer to the question.

We are curious if Michigan residents in both peninsulas are aware or have ever thought about this. We live in the southwest region of Michigan and had never thought about this until recently, so we decided to look into it. And this brought us some other neat realizations about one of Michigan's favorite tourist and resort destinations.

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Mackinac Island, according to its official Wikipedia entry, is situated in Lake Huron near the Straits of Mackinac in Michigan and has ferry connections to St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula and Mackinaw City in the Lower peninsula. It also indicates that the island, along with other islands nearby like Bois Blanc Island, is officially a part of Mackinac County, which is in the U.P..

Mackinac County - Wikipedia
Mackinac County - Wikipedia

But more uniquely, there are probably a lot of people who have visited the Upper Peninsula, through a trip to Mackinac Island, and never realized they had actually been there. Also, it is a rare way that many people get directly to and from the Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula without crossing the Mackinac Bridge. And, it is an island that is also a part of a peninsula. (That just made our heads spin a little bit.) But of course, this is related to governmental definitions, not geography.


For years, we have known fellow "trolls" (those who live in the Lower Peninsula if you aren't familiar with the term) who have stated that they have never been to Yooperland. Many of those people couple this statement with "I have never crossed the Mackinac Bridge". But now we wonder if some of these people have been to Mackinac Island and, as we said before, took a trip to the U.P. that they never knew about because they were unaware that the island is officially a part of it.

Besides using the Mackinac Bridge, or Mackinac Island, below is a gallery of some less known entryways to the Upper Peninsula.

24 Bridges to Enter the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that Aren't the Mighty Mac

Some people just don't enjoy crossing the majestic Mackinac Bridge. For others it's not in the route of thier travel. There are at least 24 other bridges that travelers can use to enter Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Here they are from east to west





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