I don't know much (or anything) about magnet fishing but if it involves possibly finding explosives, sign me up.

A group of local magnet fishermen were fishing for what they call "rustic treasures" in the Grand River in Grand Rapids. While fishing, they pulled up a first-ever find for the group.

According to WoodTV, Ryan McCollum said he was magnet fishing off the Sixth Street Bridge in Grand Rapids Saturday with his 8-year-old son Lochlan and cousin Chris Hample. That’s when Hample pulled up a 2-foot-long artillery shell.

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I'll be honest, I had no idea what magnet fishing was until I heard about these guys that found an explosive in the river. Thankfully Ryan McCollum explained the concept.

Taking a high-powered magnet, hooking it to a rope and throwing it out into the water, and dragging it back and just seeing what you got.

It really is just as simple as that.

After a few hours of fishing McCollum's cousin pulled something out of the river that looked like an artillery shell. Well, that's exactly what it was. It was a 75 millimeter armour-piercing artillery shell, that was actually used in Sherman tanks in WWII. this was confirmed by the captain of the Grand Rapids bomb squad. How did it end up at the bottom of the Grand River? No one will ever know.

The artillery shell remains in police custody, where it will be further analyzed and then destroyed. So, unfortunately, the guys won't be able to keep their find.

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