Earlier this week, I asked for you all to lead me around Lansing and you did not disappoint!

As someone who loves planners and mapping out my plans, getting them on paper or at least in one place, I decided to organize everyone's suggestions in a spreadsheet.

Is it maybe a little too organized? Yes.

Is it something I will refer to often and work my way through week by week? Also yes!

There were many suggestions that fell into similar categories, so those are outlined and I even have separate ones for food and for just fun and experiences.

I am so excited to go through all of these and get to know all of you a little better through the things you all enjoy doing around Lansing!

*Suggestions Pulled From Comments on the WMMQ Facebook Page
*Suggestions Pulled From Comments on the WMMQ Facebook Page

Sure, a spreadsheet may be a bit much, but it is who I am as a person and I will get out and enjoy everything Lansing has to offer!

Thank you all so much for your suggestions, I will keep you all posted on my various adventures and hope you keep them coming!

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