Halloween is a big deal for me and my boyfriend, Jordan.

Every year we have our costumes pretty much planned, picked out and ready to go by now but this year we really don't have much of an idea.

We have family friends in St. Louis who have a giant party every year called "Hallowfest" and I'm not trying to brag but we have absolutely KILLED it with our costumes for the past four years and I am not about to "lame it up" this year.

Costumes are always tricky because you can go so many different directions!

There's pop culture references that everyone would get, there's inside jokes that only that group of people would know, there's more obscure references and nods to movies or shows that maybe not everyone has seen, there's something cute-sy, there's something scary, there's something elaborate and so much more to consider.

Jordan is not into scary movies so scary costumes are kind of out of the question. We have already done a music-themed costume that went over really well but another pop-culture reference from a TV show fell a bit more flat than we anticipated.

Here is a look at the costumes we have done before to give you an idea and maybe get your gears turning on some suggestions for us!

Maitlynn's Past Halloween Costumes

Now this year we were thinking of going as Maverick and Goose from "Top Gun" though we have already done the whole "pilot thing." Another idea we had was from another Tom Cruise movie, "Days of Thunder" I would be the doctor and Jordan would be Cole Trickle...however he thinks people wouldn't "get it."

All in all, I am pretty open-minded to costumes though my days of taking something "typical" and making it "sexy" never came and the time has definitely passed for that...so no sexy clowns or anything like that for me, thank you.

I should also mention I absolutely hate clowns...so no suggestions in that area either.

Other than that, like I said, open-minded!

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