I've joked before, while I am the type of person who tries to be "healthy" by doing things like switching to soy milk...I eat like a garbage disposal.

My weakness is junk food and snacks and I really just can't help it.

I love a good salad and try to be "good" about what I eat but whenever someone suggests going out to grab snacks, I just can't help myself but to, well - help myself!

According to National Day Calendar, today is a day dedicated to garbage foods a lot of us just can't resist, it's National Junk Food Day.

Here are my top four foods I just absolutely can not resist:

#1: Little Debbie

If I was stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one friend with me, it would be Little Debbie. Sorry, mom! Between Star Crunch, Strawberry Shortcake rolls, and Cosmic Brownies are especially favorites for me. Oh and let's not forget my absolute favorite fall treat, Pumpkin Delights!

#2: Salt & Vinegar Chips

There are many different brands who have tried their hand at this very polarizing flavor, but only few have perfected it. I honestly can't believe there are people who don't like salt and vinegar chips but they are out there and to them I say, "let me have them all." I will eat salt and vinegar chips until the acid burns off my taste buds...maybe not that extreme but you get my point.

#3: Cheetos / Flamin' Hot Cheetos

They're different from your "average" cheese puff, they're a bit smaller, a bit crunchier and a whole lot better. Get the "Flamin' Hot" edition? Game over, it wins. One of my favorite things to do with Hot Cheetos is also get something chocolate to go with it, get that sweet and spicy action. *chef's kiss*

#4: Takis

Some may say these are too similar to Flamin' Hot Cheetos, but they are different and for me they stand alone. That crunch, the spiciness and if you get the "Fuego" version, the hint of lime, it's perfect. You definitely really do need to love spice and be able to handle the heat for these bad boys. I take it a bit easy with these sometimes, though, because the roof of your mouth can only take so much.

So, sure, we've all maybe indulged a bit too much while spending more time at home lately and maybe you are trying to watch what you eat. However, today is all about celebrating the junk foods that never let us down.

Happy National Junk Food Day!

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