We've all been there...you partied hard the night before, but instead of looking back at the fun you had the night before, your head is foggy, pounding, and you are desperate for a drink of water.

I, myself, was just there this past Sunday.

While we spent hours after a graduation party partying it up with my boyfriend and his dad, jamming to classic rock and maybe (definitely) shredding it on the broom "guitar", it's safe to say we felt a lot less like rocking and rolling the next morning.

Take a guess at how many naps we took...if you guessed "four" you are absolutely right.

Normally, my cure for a hangover is Sprite, a big, greasy breakfast, and drinking my weight in water but some of these songs definitely could help!

ZZ Top - "Cheap Sunglasses" 

This song perfectly describes that feeling of the first time you step outside, hungover, and the light is just too bright. Any sunglasses will do at that point and ZZ Top points out, even cheap ones will do.

The Velvet Underground - "Sunday Morning" 

Sure, this isn't the most "in your face" Classic Rock song but nothing beats sitting down with whatever is your hangover remedy and take in the calming sounds of The Velvet Underground. We've all had some rough Sunday mornings which makes this a fitting song on this list. Lou Reed was the epitome of making mistakes the night before, it's the kind of bad boy with a poetic, tortured soul kind of energy we loved about him.

Peter Frampton - "Do You Feel Like We Do" 

Not only will that guitar cure anything that ails you, lyrics like "Well woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand / Whose wine, what wine, where the hell did I dine? / Must have been a dream I don't believe where I've been" it pretty much perfectly sums up your situation.

Black Sabbath - "Trashed" 

A lot of us can probably relate to this one. We've had those hangovers that are just so bad you say "I'm never drinking again" but then the next chance you have to party you are back at it again. Sure, some of us have used a bad hangover or drunken mishaps as a reason to quit drinking. However, like Black Sabbath in this song, some of us say things like "I thank you Mr. Miracle I won't get trashed again / Ooh can you hear my lies".

Big B & The Dirty Heads - "Hangovers With You" 

*Not classic rock, but a personal favorite* 

This song is a light, airy take on hangovers. No matter how much a hangover sucks, if you're spending it with the right people, they're not so bad and you can have a day just "bumming it" with your favorite person. This is just one example of my personal music taste when I sometimes stray from Classic Rock.

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Maitlynn's Top 10 Classic Rock Songs


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