Cold winter days make for great game nights at home with friends, but sometimes you may want to be a bit more social. Well, gather the gang and get out to some of these local bars that offer a chance for you to make it a game night out!

Now, I have been out and about and on the hunt for fun things to do in Lansing and when I saw the question come up on Reddit about bars you can go play games at in the area, I was all for it. I think some of you could be too.

As we grow up more, we realize going out to the bar does not have to mean dancing on tabletops and getting absolutely blasted but it could be a great place to have some drinks, fun with friends and maybe meet some new ones!

Here are a few bars in the Lansing area Redditors say are game night-friendly:

  • 1

    Tin Can Lansing

    I am no stranger to the Tin Can as they have a location in Grand Rapids, but here in Lansing they have opportunities for guests to play games like Operation, Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, Hungry Hungry Hippos and more. 

  • 2

    Green Dot Stables

    Find a local group of game night-ers like LAGE Game Night and get on out for game nights at Green Dot Stables.

  • 3

    Spare Time Entertainment Center

    Aside from its bowling and escape room options, join the board game group that meets up there on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It's a bring-your-own games setup or you can make some new friends and join one that catches your eye.

  • 4

    The Grid

    This arcade bar in Old Town gives you tokens to play games with each drink you buy and a way for you to buy more tokens for endless play. If you're looking for board games, they have that too, along with Mario Kart on an N64 that don't take tokens to play.

  • 5

    Bring Your Own!

    Many more relaxed bars and breweries probably would not mind you bringing your own games and friends to play those, but call ahead just to make sure you are good to go.

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