Dude... This is why when you agree to get divorced, you should no longer live together. This and a ZILLION other reasons why.

My wife and I DO NOT have a perfect marriage, but attempted murder?

You are making us all look bad! Click here to see the full story. 

It's no laughing matter, but wtf was he thinking? Ladies talk. Once word gets around you are trying to kill 'em...It'll be hard to get dates.

So, he only got 60 WEEKEND days in jail for trying to kill this woman.

Click here to see the wrap up of the story. Former WILX personality Jason Colthorp on this crazy story.

I guess the lesson is if you are going to poison your soon to be ex wife, look for cameras. She may be onto you trying to murder her. Hopefully you'll get a nice slap on the wrist like this guy.

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