Wednesday morning, a 52 year old man working as a valet supervisor contractor at General Motors Tech Center in Warren this week when he heard cries for help; that's when he saw a 32 year old woman stabbing a 52 year old woman in the lobby of the facility. That's when Didarul Sarder pulled his gun and ordered the stabber to stop. Sarder does have a concealed weapon permit.

As the story unfolded, we learned that the accused stabber is the daughter of the victim. She'd reportedly gone to her mother's workplace, asked for her by name, hugged her then started stabbing her. Authorities say Sarder may well have saved Stephanie Kerr's life.

Sarder says he was escorted off the property by a GM employee and told he was not welcome back.

Fox 2 Detroit says Warren's Mayor and police chief are calling Sarder a hero. Initial reports were that he was fired for pulling his gun (he did NOT fire it), but the story keeps changing. The latest word seems to be that he's been reassigned to another location.