I have to be honest, I had a good 3 minute belly laugh when I read the headline to this article. A Marijuana recall? How does that even work? Do roaches count? Then, I got a look at the strain names and started laughing even harder. Maybe I got a contact buzz?

So, a dude licked a pre-rolled joint at a processing facility in Bay City... That is kinda how you do it right? To keep the glue sealed. The processing plant has had their license suspended for 14 days. If you got a contaminated doobie, and you may have because they this place distributed to Lansing, you are encouraged to take it back to the retailer to be disposed of properly. If you smoked a joint and feel strange, have the munchies and have a general feeling of insignificance... It is probably working. Seriously, if you bought a contaminated joint and got sick call 517-284-8599 or contact Marijuana Regulatory Agency via email: MRA-Enforcement@michigan.govHere is the full story from Mlive. 

Now, lets check out some of the names of the dope.

Nightmare Cookies. Pineapple Cheese. Fruity Pebbles. Strawnana. Kush Mints. Marshmellow OG. Purple Eurkle. Jungle Juice and OG Kush. Most of this stuff was sold around July 10- August. So, if those names sound familiar... You may want to start panicking! Or just chill out relax and ride the snake, man.

As a rule, I only accept pot that has been given to me by strangers who read this article today.

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