Twice a year, Michigan residents are given the opportunity to explore the waters of Michigan and try their hands at fishing without having to purchase a license.

The first of Free Fishing Weekend 2018 being in February, gave anglers the opportunity to try ice fishing. The next such weekend will be June 9 - 10 2018. Regulations for size and catch limits will be in effect, but you will not need a license. The need for a recreational passport to enter state parks will also be waived.

The goal of these weekends is to introduce more people to the abundant natural resources of Michigan's countless lakes and rivers that are home to numerous species of fish for both sport and tasty table fare.

Places like the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center on Lake Mitchell in Cadillac, actually have fishing equipment to rent and a great staff to help you get started. Michigan will see lots of great events tied in with the upcoming Free Fishing Weekend, so mark you calendars now and take a kid fishing!

For more details, click here: 2018 FREE FISHING WEEKEND

Photo: Dude Ranch Media


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