Just what is it this ghostly little girl keeps looking for at the top of this lighthouse?

She’s too young to have lost a lover in a shipwreck, as is the case with many female ghosts seen gazing longingly out of upper lighthouse windows. So what could the reason be?

The Marquette Harbor Lighthouse – built in 1865 - is the source of these “ghostly little girl” sightings.

This little girl spirit wears clothing from the early 1900s and seems to enjoy looking out over the waters when the lake is calm. She has been seen in the top window of the lighthouse admiring the waters of Lake Superior when it’s calm weather. The legend says she doesn’t like watching the water on stormy or windy days, because it’s believed the winds allow her to hear the sounds of the lost souls of her missing parents.

For some reason, this little ghost allows herself to be seen mainly by females and children. Visitors to the museum as well as tour guides have seen this little girl…..and many lighthouse keepers have unexpectedly quit their jobs soon after taking on the lighthouse responsibilities.

It’s a perfect setting for a haunting…and it awaits your next visit…mark it down.

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