If you didn't see it yet, you will. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has started the Mask Up, Mask Right Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to get people to wear their mask the right way. Not just use it as a chin diaper.

You see people all over doing their own thing. Some will wear a face shield but no mask... That does NOTHING by the way. Some have a shirt tied around their face. My personal favorite is the hankie or do-rag. These are pure fashion statements by people and they are not protecting themselves or you.

That is the REAL problem with the masks. In the beginning, they wanted to keep masks for the health care workers so they mislead people that the mask would not prevent COVID. Then, the masks protect you from spreading it. Now, the mask protects you and protects you from spreading it.

The science is now settled: Masks protect others from COVID – and they protect the wearer,” said Robert Gordon, MDHHS director. “It’s important to wear the right mask and wear it the right way. We want all Michiganders to Mask Up, Mask Right as we continue to battle the virus in our state.


I don't know if it REALLY works but right now, it's still all I have. This information would have been more helpful in March. Now, it's just going to cause another fight.

Stay safe, my friends.

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