I saw this on the internet today and thought it was worth a share. I know everyone wants to fight about wearing or not wearing a mask. I wear one everywhere. I was thinking I was protecting others from getting my sick but it MAY be protecting me.

When we walk in to our office, there is a sign on the first door to wear a mask.

There is a sign on the second door to wear a mask. Some places will fire you if you don't comply.

A Starbucks in South Korea had a coronavirus outbreak. So far, it's reported 56 people have caught the sick from one person. Apparently, the sick person sat by the air conditioner and it blew the virus all around the place. Pretty much everyone in there got it... Except the workers. The 4 people wearing masks and gloves did NOT test positive for the virus.

I know mask haters... It's all set up by the man to take away your freedom. Honestly, I don't trust the tests either.

South Korea had the virus licked but it has seen a recent outbreak this summer. So much so they decided to close the schools.

In Michigan, CMU has seen an outbreak and Isabella County has issued a State of Emergency. One party at CMU has been traced to 86 cases. 

Michigan reported over 800 new cases yesterday. Once the schools are open, the cases will explode again.

I'll be wearing my mask. Inside and out. Why do you think doctors wear them?

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