Last year I started visiting farmer's markets throughout mid Michigan. There are a lot of farmer's markets during the spring, summer and fall. The Meridian Township Farmer's Market is also happening during the winter months at the Meridian Mall.

The market takes place in the JC Penney / Launch / Campus Den wing of the mall. There's plenty of parking so don't stress that. My wife and I went there last weekend because we were getting cabin fever and needed to get out. We also went because we wanted to see what the indoor farmer's market was all about.

First and foremost it was nice to walk around and visit the different vendors without freezing our arses off. I also saw some of the same vendors inside that I normally see when the farmer's market takes place outside at the mall. Almost every product is from Michigan and you can still get fresh fruit, veggies and meat.

I love supporting local. We bought a dozen apples that were locally grown. We bought an organic pork steak from a vendor in Michigan and we also bought some other treats for our kids. I don't mind paying a tiny bit more for better quality food that is LOCALLY sourced.

If you're getting cabin fever and need to break free from the monotony, visit the Meridian Township Farmer's Market inside the Meridian Mall. If you like famer's markets in general, you will have a nice time paying a visit.

Meridian Township's Indoor Famer's Market

Meridian Township Farmer's Market [PHOTOS]

Meridian Township has an amazing farmer's market. Check out some photos of my visit below.

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