My wife is really crafty. She is always finding things for me to make with my daughter that help her motor skills and give us something to keep us occupied. She gave us this Elf to make and I thought it would be funny to cut out her face, put it on the elf and send it out a our Christmas Card this year. My wife ran with it and put the plan into place.

This was a family operation... Mostly orchestrated by my wife, of course.

My wife printed off the cut out elf on some nice paper. She put the prototype together and it was better than I imagined. So, this weekend we stayed up late. Cutting them, putting them together. Then, Nugget would hug, kiss and dance with each elf, sending it off with some much needed love to our family. ONLY our family, I am not made of elf cards here.

She also stamped up the envelopes we were sending out. She may have decorated her face in the process. Our little elf helping the elf project was hilarious and we had fun sending out some love. She may have gotten some stamps on her face when she was stamping the envelopes...

Nugga Card

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