According to Outdoor Hub and ClickOnDetroit, a man from Kimball, Michigan was being questioned while dumpster diving at a CVS in Chesterfield Township. Further question produced several offenses that could land 32 year old Ian Breiholz, in a huge tub of hot water!

Breiholz, a convicted felon, was in possession of an illegal firearm, marijuana and a box containing five small squirrels. Considering he is a convicted felon in possession of a firearm is bad enough. Add in marijuana, and things get worse! But there may be a chance that his big heart could come into play. It seems that he saved these squirrels during a previous dumpster expedition where they were found abandoned. Also taking into consideration that no evil deeds were in the works for the little furry critters, wildlife charges may be withheld. Then again, those would be the least of Breiholz' problems.

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