WLNS.com reports that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has ruled that the ordinance approved by Ann Arbor voters in August 2016 to boost the city's legal age to but tobacco to 21 is a direct violation of state law.

According to the report, Republican State Senator Rick Jones from Grand Ledge asked Schuette's office to look into the legality of Ann Arbor raising its legal tobacco purchasing age to 21. Schuette concluded that the ordinance violates state law established in 1972 that proclaims the "age of majority" to be 18. According to Schuette, this state law supersedes local ordinance.

Opinion: The irony of Jones and his interests continue to baffle me. It's okay for young Johnny and young Lucy to drink underage without repercussion, they should be able to buy and smoke all they want, where they want while tipping a few back. But, he fights against the medicinal benefits of marijuana and its legal distribution, despite the overwhelming opinion of Michigan voters in 2008.

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