Halloween is when we're supposed to celebrate the dead. Kids in Michigan go door to door in awesome costumes asking for candy and carving pumpkins. Try a new way to celebrate Halloween in Michigan at a casket race!

Where is the big casket race?

High Caliber Karting and Entertainment is the place to be coming up on October 27th! They've dubbed this the First Annual Go-Kart Casket Race and it's happening in the Lansing area. High Caliber is located at 1982 W Grand River Ave Suite 800, Okemos, MI 48864.

How does a casket race competition work?

The creative folks at High Caliber have a fun night planned for you:

Teams of three or more can sign up and build/decorate their own “casket” that will fit over the top of the Go-Karts and participate in a monster body building activity. In your team of three, a racer (participant 1), body runner (participant 2), and body builder (participant 3) will work together to gather monster parts around the track and bring their own monster to life! The racer will grab the disassembled monster pieces and hand them off to the runner who will then deliver them to the builder who will piece the creature together. The fastest team working together wins! Three prizes will be awarded: one for the fastest team, one for the most creative casket (aka the Vincent Van Ghoul Award), and one for the most Durable Casket.

High Caliber/Canva
High Caliber/Canva

That sounds fun! What's the timeline for the casket races?


6:00 PM - Arrival and safety checks of casket designs

6:30 PM - Costume contest registration opens (costume contest is free to participate)

7:00 PM - Go-Kart Casket Racing and Karaoke begins

8:15 PM - Costume Contest Registration closes

8:30 PM - Award Ceremony for Costume Contest and Casket Race

9:00 PM - Spooky karaoke resumes, axe throwing for package participants

11:59 PM - High Caliber closes

Get ready to race and create a new annual event for you and your family! See you there!

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