People have had to get creative to find sources of fun and entertainment over the past year but this dad sure has gone above and beyond.

We've seen people make backyard ice rinks before but Lance Antrobius has really raised the bar with the rink he built in his Livonia-area backyard.

According to MLive, Lance and his wife Samantha always envisioned being able to make massive, awesome ice rinks in their backyard when they first found their house about 10 years ago.

Though, we don't think anyone had imagined it would become a "Field of Dreams" scenario for his two sons who practically grew up on ice.

When it comes down to the actual "nuts and bolts" of how this thing was built, Antrobius says he has gradually added to the 80-foot by 40-foot rink over the years to give it various upgrades.

It started with using a pool liner, typically used for inground pools but Antrobius told MLive it went even further than that by building the boards himself out of plywood, painting them, adding chicken wire to prevent flyaway pucks.

"For the ice, I put up some boards, wrapped pool liner over them and I just flood the area with water and wait as Mother Nature lets it freeze," Antrobius said. 

We know what you are thinking, "their poor water bill" and while Antrobius confirms, his water bill is a bit more in the winter, he does everything he can to make sure there is "good ice" including even using a "little Zamboni thing."

As if the ice itself wasn't impressive enough, the area is complete with a warming tent, a "locker room", flood lights and even regulation hockey goals.

We have to assume this house is THE place to be to have some winter fun in their community and it is so awesome to see people get this creative.

Best dad in Michigan? It might be hard to beat...

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