Dog sledding is believed to have been around since 1000 A.D, originating in Canada by natives. It's popularity spread from northern Canada to the rest of the country and into North American territory.

People have mixed feelings about dog sledding, but it still exists today. During winter months in Michigan, dog sledding has become a regular sport. Many northern Michigan towns indulge, including Cadillac, Calumet, Gaylord, Gwinn, Kalkaska, Marquette, McMillan, Newberry, and Shingleton.

You don't have to be an experienced musher to dog sled. Different rides and packages offer guided runs or you can take the time to learn how to operate your own team of sled dogs. You can enter dog sled races or stand on the sidelines and experience it as a spectator. In fact, you can find out more HERE.

Dog sledding hundreds of years ago wasn't like we know it today, with a pack of dogs leading a sled. The first ones only used one dog to haul stuff like firewood and supplies. As more supplies became necessary, more dogs were implemented, eventually turning it into what it is today.

Too bad there weren't any cameras a thousand years ago, but I've collected a few with some photos going back over 100 years to show what dog sledding was like during Michigan's early days!

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