A family in Michigan got to enjoy about 15 minutes of fame after building a 13-foot snowman. Locals in Holland loved it, and they even got some press (see the first video below) from a Grand Rapids TV station.

A Wisconsin family then said, "Hold my beer." They didn't actually say it because they were too busy building a giant snowman of their own - one that measures more than 40 feet tall.

Holland, Michigan Snowman is Still Pretty Impressive

Jeffrey Schlaack is a professional landscaper who lives in West Michigan. He tells WZZM-TV he built the monster snowman to brighten his family's spirits after losing his father to COVID-19 last month. He also did it in honor of his two-year-old daughter Sadie.

Would You Like to Supersize That?

What's cooler than a 13-foot snowman? A snowman that's more than three its size. A family in Wisconsin has built a snowman that is a staggering 44 feet tall if you factor in the giant's 4-foot tophat.

Craig Carlson and his sons used snow they plowed from local business' lots and construction equipment to pack the snow into the snowman's wooden frame.

This is No Ordinary Snowman

The Carlson family's snowman has a pipe made from a five-gallon bucket and arms made from actual trees. It took three and a half days to build and its base measures 53 feet around.

"I don’t really consider it work because it’s just a really fun thing to do," Carlson’s son Hunter tells Fox 9 in the video below.

This West Michigan Home is an Adorable Lighthouse

At first glance, this home on Lake Michigan looks like a lighthouse (or maybe even a gingerbread house) but it's actually a single-family home that was indeed designed to resemble a lighthouse.

Be sure to check out the pics of the Crow's Nest and the spiral staircase that leads up to it.

Among lots of amenities, it comes with a private beach and 200 feet spectacular Lake Michigan frontage. Can you imagine the sunsets?

Enjoy a Pure Michigan Vacation on This Houseboat AIrBnb

Everyone knows there's nothing quite like summertime in Michigan. From the dunes to the lakes, and everything else in-between, Michigan has it all. If you are looking to change up your usual summer stay away, why not try a little houseboat life? Known as the "Floathaus of Saugatuck", this Airbnb is an actual houseboat on the water near Saugatuck on the west side of the state. Located in the Tower Marina, the house has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom to sleep 4 comfortably. Guests will also enjoy a waterfront pool and park, kayaks, and be able to grill out on those amazing summer nights. The houseboat won't be able to set sea but trust us when we say, you will love every minute while staying docked. Take a look inside!

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