The St. Clair County ghost town of Columbus was founded in 1832 and settled in 1833, after the Gratiot Turnpike (now known as Gratiot Road) was finished.

It was basically a postal stop and became a railway station along the Grand Trunk Railroad. The original post office closed down in 1904; then, a nearby settlement named Hickey transferred its post office to the area which then became known as Columbus, after explorer Christopher Columbus.

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When that post office finally went kaput in 1940, so did the town. Now there are no businesses left, except the old Columbus grain elevator.

The pictures below show what Columbus looks like now and some atlases from 1876 and 1916, thanks to historical mapworks.

Just 2 ½ miles east of Columbus is the site of a very strange, gruesome Michigan murder, at the intersection of Rattle Run Road and Mayer Road. CLICK HERE to read about it!

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