Summer is still alive in Michigan. The beaches are open and the kids just went back to school. Halloween has started to overtake retailers throughout Michigan.

Halloween is a fun holiday that we celebrate at THE END OF OCTOBER. Halloween is two months from today. Each year mechandise at stores for consumers to purchase for holidays is arriving earlier. I saw Halloween costumes at Costco in July.

Is it corporate greed? Of course that has something to do with it. When there's a demand there needs to be a supply. While I like Halloween, I know people that want to celebrate Halloween all year long. Who am I to judge?

If getting into the Halloween spirit is fun for you then do it. Who cares about your neighbors that are shaking their heads on their front porch while they watch you erect your Halloween display, in August. At the end of the day enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy. Grab a pumpkin spiced latte while your at it.

Stores That Are Selling Halloween Merch Already


It's a good sign for Halloween lovers when the cool new merchandise arrives in stores, some merch arrived in July.


Pay the "CO" a visit at 2540 E Saginaw Hwy, East Lansing, MI 48823.  If you have a membership you can shop. Their costumes started arriving in July and they have a lot of cool Halloween stuff to choose from for outdoor or indoor.

Spirit Halloween

The grand daddy of Halloween is open in Lansing. They have multiple locations. Get in on some scary animatronics, outdoor displays, cool costumes and more.


I shop at the Okemos location, 4890 Marsh Rd, Okemos, MI 48864. Their Halloween merch has started to filter in. The pickings are slim right now but that will change when we get closer to Halloween.


Meijer has got some Halloween shwag available for Halloween lovers. They have to move out their back to school gear and they will have more soon. Meijer tends to have a good selection.

Party City

Check out their location in Frandor. If you need decorations, costumes, accessories or anything Halloween, pay them a visit.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

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