I believe a flight to Metro Airport on February 3rd is the main reason for this. Federal authorities diverted a flight of passengers from China. Click here to see that story. They were quarantined IF they were symptomatic. A lot of people knew then, you don't have to show symptoms to spread this. 3 days prior to showing symptoms, you can spread it without knowing it.

So now Michigan sits at  14,225 people infected and Ohio has only 3,739. According to this story. You are saying, "We have done more testing here!" You are wrong. Ohio has done 38,375 and as of Friday, Michigan has done 24,637 test reported.  They say Michigan is at 15% positive but the numbers look considerably higher to me.

The numbers would even be higher if the bars were open on St. Patrick's Day. They believe the Presidential primary may have contributed to the spread.

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