As the state tries to crack down on youth vaping, Saline High School is also taking steps to make sure nobody is down to any shenanigans in the bathrooms.

"Smokin' in the Boy's Room" is a thing of the past and now so is vaping as MLive reports Saline High School's new device installed in the bathrooms that can detect "vape clouds," cigarette smoke and THC.

Aside from being able to pick up on emissions from smoke-able chemicals, the Halo Smart Sensors can pick up on sound frequencies to detect "aggressive behavior"

Saline High School Assistant Principal Kirk Evenson said they have seen an "uptick in the number of vaping incidents" and with actions from the state they felt now was the time to get some technology on their side to better monitor their students.

Midland High School installed the same devices earlier this school year and had success in curbing bad bathroom behavior going from six or eight detections per week to about one or two.

Will the new state regulations and schools installing these devices be enough to stop the youths of Michigan from vaping? Only time will tell...

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