Go figure, he is from Romeo, Michigan.

Rob Stone is a fake radio name. Rob Stone got his fake radio name right here in Lansing. Back in 2008 he graduated MSU. Not long after, he began working at the radio stations at an entry level job. He and I hit it off and he really was like a little brother to me. Watching him go from a van driver to an on-air talent was really special to see. The dude has more talent than most but is approachable and hard working. Traits that I believe represent the people of Michigan. Plus, he is a Ken Doll for Gods sake. The dude should be a model. Too good looking for radio. My wife says his wedding was the best looking wedding she's ever seen.

Around 2010, he was the night guy for our sister station and was a Black Friday like casualty. He was done in Lansing but a gig in Detroit opened up. Rob has since become a top talent in AMERICA, winning a American Country Music Award a few years back and then again this year. He does TV and you hear him at Detroit Lions games when the world isn't nuts.

He became a dad last year. This year, he decided to become a country music star. Seriously, he's been doing this for a while and now has released his debut single "Firework Girl." Check out the Video below.

Needless to say, this is NOT classic rock but it is Pure Michigan. Support your Spartans!

Keep it up, Rob. We are damn proud of you. Click here to download.

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