Crazy story. I worked with Jason (Racin Jacin) back in the day in northern Michigan. At a little station back then called 106.7 The Peak. That was quite a few moons ago lol. We both moved on from that little station in Gaylord, Michigan. He ended up moving to Traverse City where he does The Morning Trainwreck on The Rock Station WKLT.

What I did not know is that somewhere along the line, this dude picked up a love of (and started) blacksmithing. A hobby that has yielded some success. Peep his facebookwebsite here.

Forged In Fire, which airs on the

And wouldn't you know it, he freakin WON!

And he's had to keep this secret for a year?!?

Jason taped the episode more than a year ago and had to keep quiet until the show aired. (Up North Live)

Congrats Racin Jacin! A well deserved victory. He does shows in Northern Michigan. And you can find him online. Please give this guy your business and check him out on the radio when you're up north! Michiganders doing big things.

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