Though festivals and gatherings look a bit different in 2020, there are still fun little ways to make the best of it like random "national day(s)"!

Joey and I are always checking websites like National Day Calendar just because it is fun to find some quirky, off-the-wall thing to celebrate every now and again to just keep things light and positive.

Well, looking ahead to October 2nd, we have one of those days coming up that started right here in Michigan about 10 years ago and has become a global phenomenon.

Recently we shared "12 Pieces of Clothing Every Michigander Owns" where we mentioned flannels and according to MLive, Bugsy Sailor is a Michigander who became known by friends, family and colleagues for having lots and lots of plaid.

The plaid-loving "Yooper" founded the Marquette-based company U.P. Supply Co. actually created the "holiday" back in 2010 as a way to celebrate that between being from the U.P. and being a "skater kid" he owned a lot of plaid and figured other people could appreciate it too!

“One of my friends and coworkers said, ‘The amount of plaid you wear is taking away from your potential in life,'" Sailor said before he recounted how he told them all, "Well, forget that, I’m gonna wear more plaid -- and I’m gonna create a holiday after it."

That he did...and now, every first Saturday in October what started as a day where Sailor and his friends gathered to wear and celebrate plaid, now the world does too!

This year, on October 2nd, 2020, while we may not be able to gather like photo-ops in years past, we can't let that stop us from donning our Michigan uniforms!

Here are a few ways, according to, you can celebrate the Michigan-made day in style!

The fine folks who invented Plaidurday say, "Look good, feel good, and spread some cheer, because we’re all connected by a common thread" and that's really what it's all about.

Sure, is it kind of a silly thing to celebrate? Yes. Is it fun nonetheless? Yes. Could we all use something to make us smile this year? Absolutely.

So, this fall, keep calm and plaid on!

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