Last week when observed that it had been 26 years since Paige Renkoski of Okemos had disappeared. When we shared the Renkoski story on the WMMQ Face, we were asked why no one ever brings up Christopher Temple, the 17 year old East Lansing High School senior who disappeared in April of 1990 while camping with friends at the Rose Lake Recreational Area in Bath Township.

Excellent question.

Temple had gone camping with friends at the Rose Lake Recreational Area in Bath Township when he walked away from camp, never to return. Initially investigators thought he may have been a runaway, then foul play was suspected. One of teen's tennis shoes was found - no other clues. Some speculate that Temple may have stepped into 'quicksand', which some say has swallowed up 4 x 4 ATVs at Rose Lake.

We asked this morning on the air if any of our WMMQ listeners had encountered quicksand when trekking through the wilds of Michigan. Our friend Brian called and said he has a friend who lives in Vermontville on the Thornapple River. That guy was scouting for hunting spots when he and another guy walked across the river. Brian's friend took a step at one point and immediately sank up to his waist. He says had his buddy not been with him that day to help pull him out, he probably wouldn't have made it out alive.