I get it is one of the largest events in Michigan, but I'm kind of glad this one got cancelled.

Sure, "2020 claimed another one" and sure hundreds and thousands of people who attend this event are bummer but Medieval things make me irrationally uncomfortable.

I'm not sure whether it's just because it was such a funky time to look back on but just something about it just makes me cringe and no amount of renaissance fairs or kick-ass CGI or popular shows like "Game of Thrones"  can make me change my mind.

Anyways, my opinions aside, here are the facts according to MLive.

So the 2020 Michigan Renaissance Festival was supposed to happen in just a couple weeks like it does every late summer to early fall in Holly, Oakland County.

Here's a look at 2019's event to hopefully ease any heartache "thou" might be feeling...I'm trying here.

Now, cancelling the event is apparently as big of an undertaking as putting it on as vendors and entertainers come from all over the country to bring the medieval food, art and activities people love for some reason...I'm not here to judge.

MLive said that based on a previous conversation with festival organizers, ticket refunds would not be happening if the event was cancelled. However, now that the event is "officially" cancelled the question remains though it was previously said tickets purchased for 2020 would be good in 2021.

Festival organizers told MLive while they thought they would be in the clear for this year and figured due to their massive outdoor space they would be good to go, state directives just don't allow for it.

While they disagree and wish they could press on they did say, "we recognize the difficulty of the State government’s task. We share their goal of keeping Michigan safe and healthy.”

So, it's looking like 2021 will be a year packed full of make-up concerts, events and festivals and, yes, that even includes the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

You can try to change my mind on it all and organizers do promise next year's will be "the grandest Renaissance Festival in all the realm" so if that's not at least a little enticing, I don't know what to tell ya!

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