The children of the "Zoom school" age may never get to know the pure joy of a snow day ever again and that has us feeling bed for them but also reminiscing of our more youthful days!

I feel like some of my best memories came from snow days and it's definitely one of the biggest things I miss as an adult.

There really was no feeling like watching the TV on a morning where you knew the weather was bad and watching as the school closings trickled in and you were just waiting anxiously for your school to pop up. Honestly, it was about as thrilling as a sporting event!

We were always chasing that thrill, we'd do anything for a snow day which meant we would do some pretty strange things in hopes those superstitions would actually work.

As a superstitious person, I think they do...but only if enough kids from the same school participate. I would act all "high-and-mighty" over the fact that yes, I was one of the ones who was responsible for gracing us with a glorious day off from school.

Now as an adult I get surprised when my high school-aged sister gets more than a few snow days and I hit her with the good ol' "back in my day..."

We adults really do get shafted when it comes to snow days because we have the extra responsibilities of getting up early, scraping off our cars, driving in treacherous conditions to make it to our job that we need to pay for things like our cars and it's all just a vicious cycle.

That's why we look back today on the old snow day superstitions we once swore by to have a little fun on this snowy, winter's day!

Snowday Superstitions & Tricks

Which ones have you done? Think you'll ever give any of these a shot in hopes for an "adult snow day"?

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