The Michigan State Police announced a new partoling initiative geared towards commercial vehicle safety Thursday. The "Summer of Semi Safe D" commercial vehicle enforcement operation is in response to an increase in traffic deaths involving semi-tractor trailers. In 2016, semis were involved in 72 percent of fatal accidents involving commercial vehicles. Overall, there was a 41 percent increase in deaths involving commercial vehicles, according to MSP Captain Michael A. Krumm.

The "Summer of Semi SAFE D" is actually an acronym with each letter of "SAFE D" standing for a point of emphasis during different time periods of the summer. Here is a list of those areas of focus and the dates of emphasis planned by MSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division:

  • S - Speed June 26-30
  • A - Awareness (intersections, construction zones, lane use) July 10-14
  • F - Fasten seat belts, Following too close July 24-28
  • E - Education August 7-11
  • D - Distracted Driving August 21-25

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