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If you subscribed to certain magazines before July 30, 2016, it looks like you'll have a payoff coming in the mail - likely around $150.00. has the full story here.

That's the result of Hearst Communications agreeing last week to settle a $50 million lawsuit that claimed Michigan privacy law was violated by the corporation when Hearst sold personal info about subscribers to third parties without consent.


Hearst was accused of selling customer data indicating race, religion, age, medical conditions, political affiliations and more to data mining companies, who in turn would repackage the info and sell it to another entity.

People who subscribed to Popular Mechanics, Road and Track, Cosmo, Food Network and more will get settlement money.


The suit was filed when Michigan had some of the strictest laws about reselling customer info; those laws have since been softened, curiously.

Looks like as many as 2 million Michiganders could get a chunk of the $50 million dollar deal.



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