South Haven is a pretty popular spot people in Southern Michigan flock to. It's the total package when it comes to Lake Michigan beach towns.

According to, there's not only one, but SEVEN public beaches in "SoHa" and a pretty awesome lighthouse at the end of the pier which is the perfect place for a photo op.

There are also plenty of activities for all ages, making it the perfect place to spend a few days to make sure you squeeze it all in.

When my mom, sister and I went for a three-day mini-vacation, our first day was for shopping and indulging in the amazing food options available. The next day, my sister and I went for a hike and then we spent the day at the beach.

Between the Kal-Haven Bike Trail, dunes to hike and just the scenic beauty all around, there are so many things for nature lovers to enjoy too.

A few years ago I joined my mom and her best friend for a bachelorette party in South Haven and we were able to enjoy a sunrise on the beach, do a "wine and painting" class at Tipsy Brush Studio then hit the town for the "Mermaid Festival."

South Haven is also known for its wide variety of events and festivals, which considering COVID-19, probably won't happen too much this summer.

Shopping is also a must in South Haven as there is such a wonderful variety of souvenirs, boutiques, Pure Michigan memorabilia and plenty of sweet treats to sample when you need a break.

Between being outdoorsy, being a beach bum and shopping 'til you drop, make sure to still plan time to get your drink on too (if that's your thing)!

There are plenty of wineries and breweries around to check out. One of our favorites is the South Haven Brewpub as they have great drinks, and sometimes even a live band. One time we were there, the band did a cover of the Beastie Boys and then a lady dressed as a mermaid dumped glitter on my head and it was magical.

If none of those things tickle your fancy, there is also activities for the history buff in your life, like the Michigan Maritime Museum.

So if you need somewhere to make a day trip or even have a few days to spare, make sure to get out and check out all South Haven has to offer, you won't be disappointed.

It is and will always be a favorite place in Michigan, but I'll let the sunsets speak for themselves!

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