When I saw Laith Al-Saadi perform at Blues on the Square in 2008, I said to everyone "this guy is going to be a huge star." His voice is amazing, his guitar skills are freaky and he is a genuinely a great guy who loves music. I stayed up the last 2 nights to watch The Voice to see him perform. Well, the sandman came calling a bit early last night and I missed it. This morning I checked to see how he did on youtube.com.

I honestly haven't seen all 4 judges give a standing ovation to just anyone. These musicians had respect for Laith once the chairs turned around. Pharrell Williams even walked up to him to bow. Pharrell also said he wished he could see Laith play that solo, so Laith played it again.

Laith graduated the University of Michigan with a degree in Guitar and I thought he made a wise decision choosing Adam Levine. I believe he will be a contender to win The Voice this year. Scotty Allman plays Laith every Sunday on the Capital City Blues Cruise. Support Michigan Music! Support Laith!


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