When I was growing up I didn't go to many amusement or theme parks. The first time I went to a "park" in Michigan was when I was a senior in high school and went to Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon. This was my first experience at a water park and it was a blast.

As I've grown older, my need for speed and adventure has grown with me. I love rollercoasters and waterslides. The adrenaline rush is what I'm going after when I ride thrill rides. My first roller coaster was the Millennium Force at Cedar Point. Holy cow, that was a rush, and I've loved thrill rides ever since.

Sure I've been to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. That's a blast. There are plenty of rides for the family. There is nothing extreme for me. My kids love going and I love going with them. The joy and happiness I experience and witness with them is priceless. I just want to go faster and drop farther.

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I was curious about where the tallest waterslide is in the state of Michigan. It's not in Traverse City, Detroit, Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo. It's only a 138 mile drive from the radio station (we're located off Jolly in Lansing). I am talking about Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan.

I googled "tallest water slide in Michigan" and the results gave me Rustler’s Gulch at Double JJ Resort. One of the cool things about the location is that you aren't too far from Lake Michigan if you want to take a break from the water park.

According to the Double JJ Resort website:

Rustler’s Gulch is Michigan’s tallest indoor waterslide. It is a body slide with steep acceleration, light and dark areas and a splash at the end. It is an adventure that needs to take place on your vacation!

I called Double JJ resort to get clarification on the actual height of the waterslide and potential speeds I could reach. The staff couldn't tell me that info. It wasn't because they weren't allowed, they just didn't know. Yeah, it's weird that the staff didn't know. The woman I spoke with said that it looks like fun but there's no way she would do it. I laughed and said, "sounds fun, I'll come check it out."

If extreme rides are your thing, we have that in common. Share your thrill rides you love in the state of Michigan so I can check them out too.

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