The Great Lakes are a huge part of what makes Michigan awesome. How many miles of coastline do we have in Michigan? We have so many miles of coastline that we rank in the top 10 of states with coasts.

At any time you can hop in the car and head to the beach. Going to Holland or Grand Haven is a fun thing to do. Head to the U.P. and explore Marquette or Copper Harbor. If you wanted to drive the coastline of the Great Lakes, plan on driving some serious miles. You can also see some killer sunrises or sunsets.

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When I look at a map it looks like Michigan has a lot of coastline. When I look at the states that have coastline on the ocean, it looks like we have more coasline than some of those. Do we have more?

A study by worldpopulationreview revealed who ranks on top when it comes to miles of coastline in the U.S. Michigan didn't disappoint.

Michigan Ranks #9 in the U.S. of States With Coastline

csterken Thinkstock
csterken Thinkstock

Michigan has a total of 3,224 miles of coastline. Not too shabby.

Alaska led the way with 33,904 miles of coastline. They blew Florida out of the water by 25,468 miles, Florida's total is 8,436 miles.

Louisiana is at #3 with 7,721 miles.

From the #4 position to the #8 position, only 254 miles seperate the states.

#4 Maine - 3,478 miles.

#5 California - 3,427 miles (I thought California would be higher on the list).

#6 North Carolina - 3,375 miles.

#7 Texas - 3,359 miles.

#8 Virginia - 3,315 miles.

#9 Michigan - 3,224 miles.

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When I think about it, I've seen a good portion of the shores of the Great Lakes. It's humbling to know I haven't seen anything yet.

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