Wildfire In Possum Kingdom Area Of Texas Continues To Burn
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The New York Times has a heartbreaking story here, reporting on the wildfires that ranchers and farmers out west are calling, 'Our Hurricane Katrina'.

In response to the devastating wildfires that tore through Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas recently which killed thousands of head of cattle when over a million acres burned, farmers and truck drivers in Michigan are taking supplies to those affected. They need some help with their efforts. One place you can drop off supplies is in Lake Odessa:

Theresa Sisung
Theresa Sisung


A convoy has been organized to leave this Sunday from Michigan, apparently headed for Oklahoma (that's the plan at this time).

Truck Driver Jeff Thrasher, Countryside Transportation American Truckers For American Farmers and Ranchers, posted this on his Facebook page:

Sunday March 26th, I plan on making a trip to Oklahoma. That means this truck and trailer will be going to the Caro Michigan tractor supply to pick up any donations that have been delivered. Go online to www.tractorsupply.com purchase anything from T posts, 12 gage barbed wire, any kind of fencing materials. Select pick up at store, select Caro Michigan location, In the comments make sure you put donation to Oklahoma.

On Saturday, I'll bring my trailer to that location and fill it. I can haul about 45,000 lbs with this set up and I personally will appreciate if you donate enough to fill this up to max capacity. Let see what you got. I'll be posting non stop until you either delete me or donate.


*List of things needed*

Fencing Specifications:
Barbed Wire: min. 12 gauge, class 1 galvanized, 4 point or 2 point
Steel T Post: min. 6 ft, 1.33 lbs per foot with anchor plate
Wood Fence Line Post: min. 7ft, 3 in. diameter - Osage Orange/Hedge or creosote covered
Wood Corner Post: min. 7.5 ft, 5 in diameter - Osage Orange/Hedge or creosote covered
Corner Brace: min. 7 ft, 1.5 in. diameter - round steel pipe
Staples/Steeples: 9 gauge 1-1.5 in. long
Twist rods: Steel 18-24 in.

The donations are for American farmers and ranchers that have lost everything to the wild fires. The fires have effected such a large area spreading across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Families lost there homes, entire farms, thousands upon thousands of acres of land. There are so many people hauling hay to help, we are trying to get farm supplies. Fencing, tools gloves, boots literally anything you can think of. Any contribution is appreciated.

Jeff adds: You think the farmers losing everything won't effect you? Right now the standard price for a pound of beef is $3.70 per pound. The average price for a loaf of bread is $2.37. With crops being lost to fires, millions of cattle dying from starvation or being burned up in the wild fires, that effects supply and demand. You'll be effected one way or another. I'm asking for $6. Go to www.tractorsupply.com select pickup in store (Caro Michigan location), leave a comment on your order "donations for Oklahoma" and click purchase. I have around 2000 friends on here, I've only had 245 shares on my other post.

Help me fill my truck with donations for the farmers that have been effected by the wild fires.


You can also find more information at Michigan Convoy-Thumb Effort

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