In my continuing effort to make this world a better place, I bring you news of Kate Upton.

If you have never checked out "The Many Talents of Kate Upton" video... It's a day changer for most guys and Mrs. Pants. You have to be 18 to view the video. That's how awesome it is. If you click here you can check it out. She is the UNDEFEATED wet t-shirt CHAMPION!

Kate Upton was originally from Michigan. Now she lives in Florida and makes sporadic appearances at Detroit Tiger baseball games. Everyone wants her to be dating Justin Verlander but me. I am still hoping she has a hankerin' for short, fat balding radio personalities. Too bad for me, she likes dominating power pitchers.

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Kate came out and said recently she thought her breasts were too big. If there is such a thing? 34D's can get in the way a lot. Mrs. Pants has trouble swinging a golf club and always complained they get in her way. Kate said "Everyday of my life I wish I had smaller boobs." Click here to see the entire article from the Detroit Free Press. Then, she realized how sacrilegious she sounded and said: “I love my boobs, and I’m proud of my size. That’s an important message to young girls: Love who you are.”

How many young girls wake up everyday and wish for Kate Upton's problems? I understand the internet fascination with Kate. I don't understand the fascination with trolls like Kim Kardashian and that awful show. Everything is about Kim is fake from the doctored pictures to her made for tv romance with he who shall not be named.

Kate Upton is a real girl from Michigan... And currently the HOTTEST WOMAN ON THE PLANET.

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