We believe every child should have the opportunity to play baseball. The Miracle League of Mid Michigan makes it possible for children with physical and cognitive challenges to have the same experiences as anyone else. The league allows them to learn the game, work as a team and make new friends - Ron Parkinson, Board Member Miracle League of Mid Michigan.

The Miracle League of Mid Michigan's field is located at 1080 E Wieland Rd, Lansing, MI 48906. This facility is amazing. They are celebrating 10 years of giving kids the chance to play baseball. As you can see in the pictures below, the kids love playing the game.

This is where we come in. The Miracle League of Mid Michigan is in dire need of resurfacing the field. A flat surface is a must for the athletes that play on the field. Currently, the field needs some love and attention. The league is at risk of halting play indefinitely because the divots and uneven surface areas are a major safety hazard for players, particularly those with crutches, wheelchairs and walkers.

Other upgrades needed include concession upgrades, dugout repairs, field lighting, scoreboard and other upgrades like more accessible parking near the field, announcer's booth and an inclusive playground.

You can help! On Wednesday, September 14th there will be a friendly exhibition game, featuring athletes from Michigan State University and the Miracle League of Mid Michigan. They are teaming up to raise funds for the projects listed above. Most importantly, the improved playing surface.

If you would like more information, or would like to make a donation, please visit the Miracle League Mid Michigan's for more details.

I love the game of baseball and I love the fact that we have this stadium here in Mid Michigan. Keep up the good work!

Miracle League of Mid Michigan!

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