Get your nuts out, it's National Ice Cream Month! I like nuts on my ice cream. It's NOT National Ice Cream Day, EVERYONE KNOWS that is coming up the third Sunday in July, the 19th this year. The entire month is devoted to ice cream. Your mission is to try a different flavor each day.

It was Ronald Reagan who just couldn't say no to ice cream and designated July National Ice Cream month.

My mom keeps making my dad take her out for ice cream because the ice cream joints were deemed essential. "They wear masks."

I won't go into work let alone an ice cream joint so we have been loading up on the Hudsonville brand ice cream. Deans makes me fart and Breyers taste like s#!^!

The most popular flavor is vanilla. How depressing. Remember eating so much homemade ice cream you spent the night on the toilet? Just me? The sound of the machine turning still makes me pucker up.

Did you see what I did in the title?? Moo-ve? It's a moo point, like a cow's opinion... It's moo. Any Friends fans here?

So, I am such a pervert, I like to watch the ladies eat ice cream and evaluate their technique. I have been banned from so many ice cream stands, it's really not even funny. I have to stay 50 feet away from the ice cream music!

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