Back on March 30th at around 3:20pm, 40 year-old Lansing man Bradley Wicks was dropped off at McLaren Hospital in Lansing. He had been shot multiple times. The driver didn't offer up a lot of information and abruptly drove off. Bradley Wicks held on for 2 days but passed away April 1st. Police said the shooting wasn't random and they traced the incident back to a Bunkerhill Township address.

On April 8th, two Stockbridge men were charged with his murder. Click here to see that story. Police say 31 year-old Devon Baldwin shot Bradley Wicks in a murder attempt that was organized by 26 year-old Garylee Dexter.

Now, 3 more people have been charged mainly with witness intimidation, the towns of Dewitt, Holt and Lainsburg all joined Stockbridge in this tale of Michigan cities. All of them will be in court this week in Mason. Click here to see the full story. 

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this story. You can click here for the State Journal version. 4 Men. 3 Women. 6 people facing charges. All from our area.

They say Wicks was lured to the house after an argument where he was shot 7 times. Baldwin and Dexter allowed him to be taken to the hospital where police where able to search his phone and text messages. Plus, they got eyewitness information from the 4th dude who drove Wicks to the hospital and talked to police. The 4th man isn't being charged.

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