My Honey found three morels in his Lansing backyard yesterday -- whoo hoo!  They were DELICIOUS!  They were also on the dinner table last night. Word is that the delicacies are going for $50 a pound, now! Check out the story here. And next to the morel-spinach-onion stir-fry is an elk burger, which we scored in a trade with WMMQ Midday Host Duran Martinez, which he harvested in Gaylord last year.

Before he cooked them, My Honey soaked the morels in water, then kept the water.  What's up with that? He says we're going to throw the water in the yard to see if maybe some of the spores will sprout!

Mlive reports that the morels are really starting to pop up in south-west Michigan.  Have you had any luck yet?