This photo was taken back in the Spring of the 2002 car I'd had for 9-10 years. Once, the car was hit by a school bus while parked in front of my house in Portland; I am still grateful for the WMMQ listener who chased the bus up the hill and said, "Hey, you just hit Deb Hart's car with your school bus!" The driver was not aware that they had dragged the bus bumper from my back quarter panel to the front.

I may or may not have crushed the car's front end and quarter panel when I 'bumped' into a truck stopped for a light on MLK, just north of St. Joe in Lansing a couple of years ago.

The car was backed into on each side while in my driveway; once by my ex-husband and once by my current husband.

There were a few other 'unfortunate mishaps' over the years, but it served me past the 286,000 mile mark until a mysterious 'electrical issue' left me stranded more than once, prompting Craig at Randall Automotive to tell me to 'let it go'.

As the father of Joey Pants might say, "That car didn't owe you anything!"

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