Motley Crue's Tommy Lee has been setting the standard for drum solo stunts for years -- and his latest invention, dubbed the 'Cruecify,' is his craziest yet. But even that may not represent the peak of his percussive lunacy.

ABC News Radio reports that Lee was eager to take the Cruecify -- which puts his drum kit on coaster tracks that extend across the ceiling and over the audience -- to another level, and has thus far only been foiled by the reluctance of insurance companies. "I've been wanting to do [this] my whole life, and [other tours have been] leading up to this. This is like the mothership," he enthused. "We started drawing it on paper one day, and you know, those cocktail napkins turn into reality and then you sit there and go, 'OH MY GOD.'"

So what's Lee's unrealized dream for his Cruecify kit? "I wanted to add an extra seat, because I wanted to take a fan with me, which we may still do," he revealed. "We're still kinda messing around with the insurance company, because it's one thing to insure me over the audience, but it's another to insure another just regular folk that I pick out of the crowd. That's a whole other animal, so we're working on it."

Although not every venue will be able to feature the Cruecifly, Lee will have plenty of chances to untangle that red tape: Motley Crue's 'Final Tour' is set to continue through next year.