Who recalls the old “Mr. Steak” restaurants?
Boy, I do.

The Mr. Steaks were extremely popular around the country, and especially in Mid-Michigan. Beginning in 1962, and with between 250-300 locations nationwide, they saturated TV with commercials, had little souvenirs, and had decent prices.

But with the onslaught of other steakhouses like Bonanza, Ponderosa, Sizzle and others, Mr. Steak was getting left in the dust. Besides, people weren't happy with Mr. Steak's new direction: fish, chicken and salads. Plus, the customers were starting to prefer the competition's steaks over the ones at Mr. Steak. Clientele began dropping off. According to Wikipedia, thanks to losing money and getting way into the red by "co-signed leases with a lot of franchise operators that didn't make it", finally in 1987, Mr. Steak filed bankruptcy.

Are there any left in Michigan?
No...well, sort of.
Encyclopedia Dubuque's page says that in 1991, Mr. Steak sold off some of their buildings to another company, and in Michigan they were turned into Finley's. Those locations were Battle Creek, Jackson, Lansing, Muskegon, and Okemos. But out of those, only ONE Finley's is left: Battle Creek.

Next time you visit Finley's (if it stays open long enough), remember, it was once a Mr. Steak.



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