My golf partner Pat busted out a new club last night for the first night of golf league. One of the guys we were playing, Josh Wiles, spotted the club and began laughing. I don't stay up late at night so, I had never heard of 'The Hammer' before. So, Josh played me this historical document. I showed Mrs. Pants this video and she wondered what year it came from - 1979?

After seeing this, every drive was followed by a KABOOM! BLAMO! WOW!!! At the end of the round, I barely had a voice. I also found other golfers trying to the Hammer. They also had some fun with it.

So, on hole #17 at Wheatfield Valley, I tried the Hammer. I hit it one yard farther than my other drive.

I wonder what hastily made alcohol induced decision Pat will make next.


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