It seems silly at first, but we name other things we spend tons of time with, so why not your car?

Think about it, you spend at least some amount of time in your car almost every day, you spent lots of time and money on it and spend just as much taking care of it; cars are important to us and hold special places in our hearts.

That is why it is so fun to name them! You can be as funny, punny, creative or as meaningful as you want because your car, at some point, becomes an extension of you.

Personally, I have had two cars in my life. My 2004, white Oldsmobile Alero that I named Frank (after Frank Sinatra) and my 2011, red Jeep Grand Cherokee that I named Nacho.

I was going through a big Frank Sinatra and vintage movies phase when I got my first car, Frank, so that is where the inspiration came from.

My Jeep, though, Nacho's name came from the time my boyfriend and I saw the Royal Canadian Air Force flight demo team, the Snowbirds. We befriended one of their pilots who went by the callsign "Nacho" so when I got my red car, it reminded me of their red planes and thus, my car was dubbed the same.

Now, Nacho (the car) has almost 350,000 miles on him. Yes, you read that right. He's a "little engine that could" and so whenever he needs a little extra encouragement, I prefer to use a name!

Turns out, I am not alone in naming my car either! We asked people on Facebook what they have named their cars and there are tons of ones I wish I had thought of first.

If you or anyone you know are getting a new car, here are some names or ideas to use for inspiration:

Lansing Listeners Share Their Cars' Names

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